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     Our wines are made from grapes from 88 hectares of vines in the heart of Champagne, on the slopes of Épernay. This is an extraordinary guarantee of quality and diversity by making it possible to practice an unrelenting selection from the vine to the bottle, to keep only the best at each stage of the development of the cuvées.

     The hillside location guarantees ideal exposure to sunlight and natural soil drainage. The vineyard is made up of a veritable patchwork of countless plots which combine the three great Champagne grape varieties. Pinot meunier for roundness and fruitiness. Chardonnay for freshness and finesse. Pinot noir for body and length. It’s from this great diversity that the richness of “HERITAGE – Prince Henri d´Orléans, Altesse Royale” Champagne is born.

     Recognized by professionals and medalists for their exceptional quality, our Champagnes give us exceptional influence, particularly internationally, with more than 85% export distribution.

     An additional guarantee of quality throughout the world, the ISO 22000 certification granted to ultra-modern facilities and the production process of our Champagnes, marks the recognition of a mastered know-how at all stages of production and of the commitment for the preservation of the terroir for future generations, with reasoned viticulture and the application of new standards of sustainable viticulture.

Champagne Heritage - Prince Henri d'Orléans - We offer 3 ranges of our exceptional Champagne: Privilege Edition, Night Edition & La Licorne
Champagne Heritage - Prince Henri d'Orléans - We offer 3 ranges of our exceptional Champagne: Privilege Edition, Night Edition & La Licorne

     Our search for excellence and shared pleasure leads our team to make uncompromising choices for our Champagnes:

  • Choose only the best vintages through a rigorous selection of grapes for the development of our cuvées.

  • Exclusive use of the purest juices during pressing, with only the cuvée from the first press, offering freshness and finesse to our wines.

  • The importance of the quality of the reserve wines used in our blends in order to preserve the DNA of our wines from year to year.

  • Perfectly timed aging of our wines on slats allowing them to express all the character that one would expect from a great Champagne. Our vintages wait in the dark for vibrations and temperature variations for a minimum of 2 to 3 years and up to 17 years for a great vintage.

  • The exceptionally balanced dosage which allows our champagnes to express their natural quality and thus exceed the expectations of demanding Champagne ….

  • Our selection of premium partners for the development, packaging, storage and transport of our bottles in order to best preserve the exquisite quality of our Champagnes.

     Our “HERITAGE – Prince Henri d’Orléans, Altesse Royale” Champagnes were rewarded by the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago with 2 gold medals (93/100 for the Blanc de Blancs and 90/100 for the Brut) and a medal of silver (88/100 for the Rosé). Our cuvées are distinguished by their intensity, their richness on the palate, their freshness and their elegant finesse, providing champagne lovers with a refined experience to share with conviviality and pure pleasure with these magnificent sparkling flavors.

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